You're trapped on an archipelago of desert islands with nothing but a grappling hook. Gain height in order to grapple to the next checkpoint, and cross all the islands in order to reach the escape ship!


  • Left/Right: Move
  • Z: Jump
  • X: Adjust Grappling Hook target
  • C: Use Grappling Hook (when close enough to target)

I hope you guys enjoy! There were a lot of ideas I had to leave out of the game, especially since I had to scrap the first few days of the project. There are a few ideas I'm really excited about, so expect a new version soon after the jam period ends!

UPDATE (08-27-2022):

  • Adjusted movement to be more crisp
  • Allow you to move the grapple target. This allows you to aim for higher parts of some islands to take different paths.

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