As a wizard’s sentient broom, you’ve decided that you’ve finally had enough. Break free and take what you deserve, but stay on the move, as the wizard is looking for you and will appear in your room if you take too long!

  • Arrow keys: move
  • Z/X: start game/return to title after winning or losing


  • Search the whole castle to find all the treasures! Feel free to leave some behind if you can't reach them, though.
  • The wizard patrols his castle when he's not after you. Take advantage of this to nab treasures while he's away.
  • The message "BEWARE THE WIZARD" will appear when the wizard is close by. Use this opportunity to either wait or take a detour.

(Flashing light warning: if you suffer from epilepsy or are otherwise susceptible to flashing lights, you may find the wizard’s entrance to be a bit much)

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